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A flavor for everyone.


Dock IPA

—  Citrus Double IPA  —
A crisp flavor with "Muscle Beach" buff IPA overtones. Our Dock IPA is our strongest double IPA but the touch of citrus eases the hops and makes it approachable, even dateable. 

Recommended Pairings: fish, fruit salad, salads. 

DNA Blonde

—  Summer Blonde Ale—
The perfect day drinkin' beer. Our blonde is not only refreshing but has a little more body than your expecting. Light enough to sip, bold enough to be proper and polite enough to introduce to your mother.  

Recommended Pairings: salads, lemon pepper chicken, wraps and pastas.

Naut Red

—  Imperial Irish Style Red Ale—
Our Gold Medal Winner! Go to battle with our Imperial style red at the lead. You can trust their leadership because of the west coast hop influence. 

Recommended Pairings: chicken wings, steaks, marinades and pork.

DNA Brewing California